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Manager’s accommodation is included in the plan, along with outdoor seating for up to 50 people, 53 parking spaces and a cycle rack.The site would be accessed via New Bridge Road, where a new junction would be created.

He insisted I looked better without make-up, didn’t like me phoning my mum, disapproved of any friends I made. “Almost as bad was that when I confided in women friends, they told me that was what happened in rural places. and for God’s sake don’t get pregnant.” Her short spell at the refuge, now looking likely to close in a little more than two weeks, gave Jackie the time, space and understanding guidance she needed to make her decision to reclaim her safety and her life somewhere else. It’s easier this way.’ “Domestic violence is a huge, complex problem.

Plans have been revealed for a new riverside pub and restaurant.

Marston’s wants to build the family pub with a 150-seat restaurant beside the River Derwent in Workington, next to Tesco.

Violence breeds violence, without proper intervention. That refuge is the eyes and ears of agencies unable to spot looming escalation.

“It was my fault for not understanding the pressure he was under at work, he said. They often become overly protective of their mothers and can end up controlling them in similar ways.

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