Common the rapper is dating

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I know you dont agree, but Im glad that you bringing these things up. TOUCH: I absolutely loved your album Like Water For Chocolate but that lyric pissed me off.

I live in a very multicultural environment, maybe if I lived in America I would feel differently.

Back in 2015, Common spoke out about their 2010 breakup.

If you cant really love your own, how can you really love others? COMMON: I dont know all the bases of Rastafarianism, but I know that it stems from Africa and Ethiopia and really came into fruition in Jamaica during the time that the blacks were being oppressed.Sources said Common was seen getting up close and personal with the tennis legend at the event.Neither have officially confirmed nor denied the dating rumors.Their relationship became official after both of them were out in a romantic dinner in a Beverly Hills restaurent while onlookers looked on.Looks like she has a thing for singers as her former husband happened to be a singer as well.

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