Stop computer updating

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By default, that window may look something like this:.It should look like the below, except your “Reboot” option will be enabled.Prevent imminent reboot: Note that resetting the countdown stop by locking the computer might be disabled if update 2835627 was installed (by either yourself or your friendly administrator). To prevent auto rebooting while logged on, please see for a registry hack. This is, beyond all possible debate, the #1 most infuriating "feature" I have EVER encountered on any device ever.Be aware though that auto rebooting was not designed to give you a hard time, but rather because it is very necessary from a security point of view. It's actually designed to just completely f**king destroy everything you're working on, but not until it taunts you with a short timer, with absolutely no way to stop it.Right-click on that option and choose “Disable” from the menu.Users have also reported that in some cases, Windows 10 can switch this setting back on automatically.To prevent that from happening, open and find the “Reboot” file with no suffix or file attachment. If you need to take ownership of the file before you can rename it, you can find instructions for doing so here.There are also ways to add the “Take Ownership” option as a right-click menu capability; you can download a file that will allow you to add this capability from How To Geek.

When it launched, Windows 10 quickly developed a reputation for rebooting entirely on its own timeline, as opposed to yours.Ten minutes later, you’re still waiting for Windows to update and you’re going to be late.There is a way around this: a way to can shut down immediately even when there are updates waiting to install.The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced the concept of “Active Hours,” which could be used to limit updates to off-hours when the machine was not in use, but you can’t always depend on such timers to prevent unwanted behavior — get stuck working late at night, and you could still be impacted by a surprise reboot at an inconvenient moment. First, open the Administrative Tools section of the Control Panel.The simplest way to do this is to press the Start button and type “Administrative Tools.” Choose the “Task Scheduler” option from the Administrative Tools window.

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