Historic chimney dating

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Yet even after that remarkable find — which measured larger than a football field — the ancient property surrounding what was long known as Allen's Brick House was far from done coughing up subterranean surprises.

That's what happened in mid-May when Preservation Virginia restoration craftsman Mike Adams began work on a new handicapped parking spot located some 20 paces east of the house's mid-1800s addition.

The Abraham Hasbrouck House is an excellent example for a student of architecture to see how a house of that era was enlarged. There is a variance in the levels of rooms on the ground floor, which is a feature of many old stone houses. Maria probably lived in the higher north room, which is presently presented as the "opkamer" (Dutch for up-room).

Such rooms were often used as a private living space/bedchamber, and the room features a period canopy bed and a 17th-century Dutch kaas, which was probably made in Holland and brought over by one of the original families.

Most of the field work has focused on the Mahomet area, but these sites are considered typical of material from the larger study area.

Materials from these categories are both the most frequently encountered and the most useful for assigning dates. Ceramics are objects that are made from baked clay.

In its simplest trajectory (Shepard 1956), the production of a ceramic vessel involves mixing powdered clay, a tempering medium, and water to create a paste. After shaping, drying, and the application of surface treatments, the object is fired at a temperature producing a particular level of vitrification.

After examining over 300 journal accounts of settlers moving west along the Platte River Road, historian Merrill Mattes concluded that Chimney Rock was by far the most mentioned landmark.

Mattes notes that although no special events took place at the rock, it held center-stage in the minds of the overland trail travelers.

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